Gene R. Haislip, B.A., J.D., LL.M. the Public Consultant on Controlled Drugs, Listed Chemicals and Counterfit Substances; Law, Policy, Administration and Enforcement


Until his retirement in March of 1997, Mr. Haislip served for 17 years as head of the Office of Diversion Control in the DEA where he was in charge of all regulatory and criminal enforcement programs, both foreign and domestic, dealing with legitimate controlled drugs and chemicals employed in the manufacture of illicit drugs. Mr. Haislip not only administered this program, but also conceived and designed much of the federal legislation, treaty provisions and strategies in these areas. He is the originator and author of the Chemical Diversion and Trafficking Act, provisions of the Vienna Convention of 1988, Designer Drugs legislation, the Controlled Substances Amendments of 1984, and the Narcotic Treatment Act of 1973. He also contributed significantly to other areas of law enforcement dealing with the suppression of illicit drug laboratories, bail and sentencing reform and federal wiretap legislation.

During his tenure of office, Mr. Haislip represented the US. Government and the DEA in the United Nations Commission on Narcotic Drugs in Vienna, Austria and in numerous international conferences where he often served as chairman and organizer. In this capacity, he initiated many significant international law enforcement projects, UN resolutions and drug and chemical control decisions. He has also worked extensively with the European Commission, the Organization of American States, the I.C.P.O. Interpol and the World Customs Organization. He has traveled extensively throughout Latin America, Eastern and Western Europe and Asia.

Prior to his service in the Office of Diversion, Mr. Haislip also held a variety of other position including that of practicing attorney, Chief of Congressional Affairs for the DEA, legislative officer for the President's Reorganization Project on Law Enforcement, Chief of Planning and Evaluation (DEA), and legislative counsel to the JC Penny Company. In 1975, he was appointed to the position of Deputy Assistant Secretary for the Department of Health, Education and Welfare where he was responsibly for the management and development of all national health legislation.

Mr. Haislip has appeared as a spokesman on national television and in major news papers, periodicals, radio and national conferences continuously throughout his career. He has testified before Congress on numerous occasions including most recently, on the problem of counterfeit pharmaceuticals.

As sole proprietor of Haislip Consulting, Mr. Haislip has developed an active consulting practice for major corporate clients in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. These include well-known leaders in both national and international commerce. In addition to domestic control and regulatory issues, he is active for clients that are concerned with import and export requirements and major international drug and chemical control issues. Mr. Haislip has also continued his long-standing relationship with key international control and enforcement organizations and has designed major projects in Central Asia, and Turkey for the UN Drug Control Program. Recently, following field studies supported by the US Embassy in cooperation with the Government of Peru and Peruvian experts, he recommended new legislation for the control of chemicals used to process cocaine and other illicit drugs. This lead directly to the passage of a new law by the Peruvian Congress in July of 2004.

Biographic Data

  • Date of Birth: July 14, 1938
  • B.A., College of William and Mary in Virginia, (1960
  • LL.B., College of William and Mary in Virginia (1963)
  • LL.M., George Washington University (1965)
  • Member, Virginia Bar
  • Author, numerous articles and speeches
  • Fluent Spanish