Important Issues

Proposal for the separation of the Agency of Diversion Control from DEA

Over the past decade the DEA has not effectively followed through with the mission of limiting the production and deterring the distribution of legitimate chemicals into illicit channels. Because the DEA has failed in this area of greatest importance and of proven effectiveness; a new approach to Chemical Control should be pursued.

An Agency of Diversion Control should be established which would be separated from the DEA, as an effort to split the unique responsibilities of controlling chemicals, from the traditional law-enforcement roles and objectives of the DEA.

The Urgent Need for a Convention on Counterfeit Drugs

The problem of counterfeit drugs has escalated in virtually all countries, and there is no hope of stopping it without a stronger international regulation. As I pointed out in my testimony before Congress, there is no DEA or other police forces focused on this issue.

The Advertisement of Psychotropic Drugs Has Become an Ever-increasing Problem

This is contrary to the specific provisions of Article 10 of the Psychotropic Convention. The government and industry are pretending that such advertising is a right guaranteed by freedom of speech, although it never was considered to be before. This is a fabrication for the purpose of greater commercialization. Virtually every year the amphetamine and Ritalin market grows and has even been extended to infants. Ambien is also one of the drugs that has been heavily marketed through advertising. This practice should be regulated and confined to medical journals as it always was.