Proposal for the separation of the Agency of Diversion Control from DEA

Over the past decade the DEA has not effectively followed through with the mission of limiting the production and deterring the distribution of legitimate chemicals into illicit channels. Because the DEA has failed in this area of greatest importance and of proven effectiveness; a new approach to Chemical Control should be pursued.

An Agency of Diversion Control should be established which would be separated from the DEA, as an effort to split the unique responsibilities of controlling chemicals, from the traditional law-enforcement roles and objectives of the DEA.

Establishing a unique and separate sister agency would allow for greater attention to controlling the diversion of chemicals to illicit markets, a concept accomplished by establishment of quota enforcement combined with International policy and agreements. I would further encourage that DEA activity at Federal, State and local levels continue in parallel with the new organization, thereby specifically dividing the expertise of qualified individuals between chemical control initiatives and domestic illicit drug trafficking enforcement.

The Diversion Control initiative should be aimed at the gradual replacement of incompetent individuals with more qualified officers and at restricting the role of private company executives and consultants away from determining policy. The separation of Diversion Control interests away from the DEA law-enforcement programs will allow for greater success in both unique areas of chemical diversion control and domestic drug trafficking enforcement.

Gene R. Haislip